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Carpet is still traditionally one of the most economical forms of floor coverings on a square metre basis because it's a product that primarily is installed directly over underlay and the sub-floor surface, where most other forms of floor coverings have labour and product requirements to prepare the sub-floor surface to receive the installed product, such as vinyl’s.

In New Zealand we are spoilt for choice when it comes to carpets, having some of the best wool in the world for our 100% wool carpets and now we are also enjoying a growing trend for premium solution dyed nylons with their fade resistant and serviceability features.

A good carpet will give you years and years of service. A good underlay and installation using correct methods are important aspects to this too - even more reason to put your trust in Peter Mark Floorpride when making your carpet decisions.

When looking at the price of carpets, these are usually detailed as a lineal metre price. A lineal metre is 3.66m wide (12 ft. old school) or some of the newer nylons are produced on a 4.0m wide loom. You should only use these prices as a guide only - what is the most important is the "on the floor" cost including a good underlay and installation.

Carpets are rated domestic and commercial (and sometimes both). Domestically in NZ carpets are generally heavy duty rated (about a 5-7 year life) and extra heavy duty rated (about a 10-15+ year life). If you have stairs in your home, also check the carpet you are looking at is stair-rated.

Peter Mark Floorpride Floor boast an extensive selection of domestic and commercial carpets to meet the needs and requirements of their database including the premium Bremworth Collection by Cavalier Bremworth - one of only 36 warranted dealers in the whole country to showcase this prestigious range.


Cavalier Bremworth

Cavalier Bremworth is proud to make New Zealand’s finest quality wool carpets, designed to suit your contemporary lifestyle. With a history spanning 50 years, we offer the widest range of residential and commercial broadloom wool  carpets, all carrying accreditation from Environmental Choice New Zealand. With more than 30 carpet styles to choose from, the combinations of colour, pattern and texture cover the classics through to the strongly contemporary. There is something to suit every décor and every purpose. More than 90 percent of Cavalier Bremworth residential carpets are graded extra heavy duty, providing a significant point of difference in terms of quality and durability from others in the market.


We design and make our carpets entirely in New Zealand using the finest New Zealand pure wool. More than half of our carpet production is exported to Australia, Asia, Europe and the US. The company operates a network of sales offices in New Zealand and across Australia. Because quality is at the very heart of what we do, we buy the wool directly from New Zealand farmers, scour, dye and spin the yarn in our own plants and make the carpet at our Auckland tufting plant.



Godfrey Hirst and Feltex Carpets

Established over 70 years ago, this Group are the Largest Manufacturer in the Southern hemisphere Godfrey Hirst and Feltex Carpets has built a reputation for being one of New Zealand’s leading carpet manufacturers, through consistently providing consumers with innovative, high quality and stylish floor covering solutions. The privately owned Group operation includes spinning mills, dye houses, design studios, carpet manufacturing mills and offices in New Zealand, Australia and the United States.


Norman Ellison

At Norman Ellison we have beautiful, pure wool carpets through to our stunning range of synthetics, wool blends and anti-allergenic yarns, we have a carpet to suit any floor in New Zealand. The Norman Ellison story began in a small factory in Newmarket with six dedicated and passionate staff back in 1975. From that very first day, we’ve had a tireless focus on quality. It’s a commitment that we believe is unrivalled in our industry. This commitment soon resulted in our accreditation to use the coveted Woolmark. Our Woolmark labelled carpets are of the highest quality, having been subjected to 24 stringent performance tests specified by The Woolmark Company. But our dedication doesn’t end there; our manufacturing facilities and processes are constantly monitored in accordance with ISO 9001 standards. 

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